Keyshawn J.


When it comes to cutting hair, Ben is in a league of his own by himself. I've been to many barbershops throughout the valley, and nothing beats the VIP treatment each and every time! No wonder well known athletes and other high profile clients come see him. The relaxed atmosphere and excellent service! Even though it's slightly out of the way, it's worth making the drive! I highly recommend it and won't go anywhere else.

Kevin C


Ben is very professional and you could tell he is a master artist at his craft. He cares about the work he puts out, and he definitely puts his all into a cut. He doesn't rush through, and he cuts until its perfect. I was very pleased as a first time customer, and I will definitely be returning.

Willie B.


Found my new barber...felt at home...great vibe...I will be back is the best barber in this town if you looking for the best hair cut go to.

Michael Burk


Elijah always had great service for each cut he gave me. Whether it was a crispy lining, to a design, to having a curly fro he would cut with precision and leave no flaws in the fade, lining, and overall cut. 100% would recommend if you’re looking to have a sharp cut!